MoonLab 辣味乳酪 Smoke & Fire Spicy Vegan Cheese

MoonLab 辣味乳酪 Smoke & Fire Spicy Vegan Cheese

西班牙辣椒糅合於香氣滿溢的堅果乳酪中 , 微辣不嗆口,既開胃又暖身,很適合拿來當招待的開胃菜。

西班牙辣椒糅合於香氣滿溢的堅果乳酪中 , 微辣不嗆口,既開胃又暖身,很適合拿來當招待的開胃菜。

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MoonLab 辣味乳酪 Smoke & Fire Spicy Vegan Cheese Ingredients

If you are looking for the MoonLab 辣味乳酪 Smoke & Fire Spicy Vegan Cheese ingredients, look no further, here you can see the ingredients used in this vegan cheese directly below.

What is the main ingredient of MoonLab 辣味乳酪 Smoke & Fire Spicy Vegan Cheese? cashew is used as the main ingredient and you can see other ingredients used to make this vegan cheese.

Are vegan cheeses with specific ingredients important to you for health reasons or you need to watch out for ingredients for allergen reasons. Here you can see what allergens or diets are covered dairy free, lactose free.

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Main ingredient
cashew nuts
nutritional yeast
Taiwanese pepper
Spanish red pepper powder
oily tomatoes
sun-dried sea salt

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